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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Have you ever known someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. This past week it was National Eating Disorder Week. Sigma Kappa at Westminster college decided they wanted to be apart of a social media campaign to show women that they are all beautiful inside and out. Sigma Kappa National Headquarters were the ones that suggested we join in the campaign and the RESPECT movement that they were doing.

Each day a different group of women in Sigma Kappa posted a picture of themselves with a word on their hand that described what they saw when they looked in the mirror. For example some girls wrote positive, loved, a nerd, confident and much more. Sigma Kappa wanted to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way and we are all unique. It was a way that we as a Sigma Kappa community could join in and shine light on  Eating Disorders. We are in this fight together and we should all love the way we were created to be.

Love yourself and the way you were made to be. Emily Bondi tells us how exactly the sisters got involved any why they wanted to bring awareness.

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