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Slate Causer

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa- At Westminster College around the end of January, the campus starts booming with politics. Like a lot of other colleges, Westminster has what they call SGA or Student Government Association. This student organization is known for running the student body on campus and letting the students join together and make their college experience better.

Over the years, SGA has brought in speakers, raised money for a lot of non-profits and hosted many events on campus that has brought a lot of students together.

Slate Causer, who is running for this year’s SGA, has many plans for the organization. Matt Causer is the man in charge. He wants to give student’s more voices on campus. He wants to change how SGA is ran.

“We will change the process on how we elect the slate. We will make it more fair, more honest, more open and a transparent process. We will increase the responsibility for the senators to make it a more proactive body.” – Matt Causer

Causer also has the idea to create an assembly for each student organization to make sure they are getting funded properly.

SGA Slate Positions:

  • President- Matt Causer
  • VP- Derek Bakewell
  • Treasure- Peter Mattocks
  • Secretary- Megan Beaule
  • Service Chair- Kailey Liverman
  • Diversity Chair- Emily Donovan
  • Academics Chair- Maggie Long
  • Student Concern Chair- Tanner Easley
  • Finance Chair- Zach Fryda
  • PR Chair- Alina Clough
  • Special Events Chair- McKenna Camargo


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