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Sled Riders Enjoy the Snow Before It’s Gone

NEW WILMINGTON, WESTMINSTER COLLEGE-. The weekend is a popular day for sled riding in the winter. And these sled riders at Westminster College’s Lake Britain are taking that fact to heart.

I noticed many cars parked outside, with their drivers most likely attending the basketball game inside. Only a couple belonged to the people I interacted with outside.

A family of four was using plastic toboggan sleds and documenting their own photos via their smartphone. It was just like the time my own family went sledding just before I came back to school. Except we used a wooden toboggan, and my brother and I are our parents’ adult children.

Meanwhile, a group of friends were practicing on skis. They even made a snowy slope to attempt some tricks.  While the slope often sent skiers onto their sides, they managed to stick a couple of landings! I know that I probably wouldn’t have been able to make the same achievement.

I wish I had gotten the names of some of these friendly sled riders, but honestly I was nerve-racked enough to just ask permission to take pictures!

Regardless, the snow showed obvious signs of their use. It was laced with sled tracks and footprints. And one unfortunate broken saucer occupied some space. The snow also uncovered a few patches of grass, courtesy of the warmer weather.

I’ve heard that the temperature is supposed to get even higher, so the snow will definitely be gone soon. It’s a good thing these people are taking advantage of it while it lasts. Despite the quick trips sliding down packaged with grueling climbs back up. Along with the blaring afternoon sun blinding their journey uphill.

Struggles aside, the people that made it out here sure looked like they were having fun. Most onlookers would have found it hard to watch without developing the urge to join in, myself included! So I’m glad that these sled riders braved the snow and steep hill treks, all for the sake of some winter fun!

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