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By Keegan Spooner

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Whether it be academics, sports, students or faculty. Westminster college wants to be known as the gold standard. That’s why the School of Nursing recently Singed a Collaborative Nursing Plan with UPMC Jameson.  Tricia Ryan, the director of the new plan discusses some of the details of the new plan with me.

“Basically students start as pre nursing students and they take general education courses our first year courses and sciences and then year two and three they are at UPMC Jameson school of Nursing taking class in clinical and they may be taking one class back here on campus such as a foreign language or a VP course and then after year three they graduate from Jameson and they take our fourth year which is our RN to BSN year and they are going to earn their bachelor degree”

Westminster wants to be different and provide an edge for their nursing students by make the plan the best available

((Mrs. Ryan)) “they can’t take their nursing boards called the NCLAC until after the fourth year we are unique at the end of the third year of the collaborative nursing plan the nursing student literally graduates from a licensed state board of nursing approved pre licensed program, but that enables the student to then sign up for and take at the end of year three their NCLACS RN test so when the return for their fourth year which is a RN to BSN year they will already be licensed as a registered nurse”

Westminster may already be on the road to have an amazing Collaborative Nursing plan Mrs. Ryan said she’s not done yet.

((Mrs. Ryan))” Then our Rn to BSN year we are seeking a national accreditation from CCNE, who will visit us in 2020 so I will be in the process of getting the documents ready we are approved candidates”

Westminster even wants to help RN’s become BSN’s

((Mrs. Ryan)) “So within this region and this area PA has a high percentage of RN’s who don’t have the bachelor degree so our college can offer this second option where we take the RN to BSN year and make it a part time option for current RN’s”

This program could help Rn’s become BSN in a time when some states and Hospitals are pushing for a BSN. This Collaborative Nursing plan will help the future nurses get a head start in a growing field.

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