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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (WCN247)- Some Westminster students already have spring break plans. Plans that will help build homes, relationships, and themselves.

The Spring Break with a Purpose trip, sponsored by the Office of Faith and Spirituality and the school’s Habitat for Humanity, takes students far off-campus for a week of community service and reflection.

They will assist in construction and other various volunteer work in Georgetown, South Carolina, as well as in the trip’s first ever “mystery location”; an undisclosed area for the students to guess and hear just before the drive. Their only clues are that it is north of the Mexican and Texas border, and south of the Ohio River.

Wherever they might be going, both trips are not just about building. The head organizer, Reverend James Mohr, says that, while that part is very important, it is not the only goal of the trip.

“Everyone says that building the house is the most important thing that we do, and I would say that’s not at all even close. It’s the development of community and friendships and family and the self-reflection that you do.”

Mohr explains that students can easily do volunteer construction on campus and in the area, such as at the regular Habitat for Humanity builds on Saturday mornings.

The Spring Break with a Purpose, however, also consists of daily reflections, journaling, and discussions, sometimes on particular subjects or questions.

Mohr emphasizes that while it is nice to use spring break for a leisurely vacation, this volunteer trip can change your life.

“It’s designed to really help you as a student; have your mind opened to possibilities while also seeing the struggles that people go through in life.”

Some past projects of the excursion include painting the interior of a house, and even Hurricane Katrina rehabbing. They also have gone to homeless shelters, and performed urban ministry.

Both locations will house the participants at Christian Youth Centers, and will last the entire week of spring break. And Mohr says that the spots are almost if not already full, so he encourages students to join quick!

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