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NEW CASTLE, Pa.– The July murder of an 8-year-old New Castle boy has one state lawmaker pushing for a bill called “Markie’s Law” to toughen up the parole system.

The proposed “Markie’s Law” is named in honor Markie Mason, who was stabbed to death in Lawrence County in July.  Keith Burley faces murder charges in the boy’s death.   Burley had already served time for a different murder; in fact, he had only been out on parole for three months.

The new legislation is called Markie’s Law, named after 8-year-old Markie Mason, who was killed in July by Keith L. Burley.

State Representative Aaron Bernstine says inmates who’ve committed violent acts in prison to stay incarcerated longer automatically.

“Too many violent offenders, once they’ve committed violent acts in prison, are being released at their minimum. Our legislation changes that and ensures we are keeping violent criminal behind bars.”

Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamacusa supports the legislation. 

The bill would require an additional two years to an inmates sentence for each violent conviction while incarcerated. 



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