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PITTSBURGH– Roller coaster fans will line up to ride the new Steel Curtain Roller Coaster at Kennywood Park in West Mifflin on Saturday, July 13th.  You must be 45 inches tall to ride it. The massive, modern steel structure is the park’s newest attraction, and members of the media were given a chance to experience it a day before the public.


  • Height: 220 feet – tallest roller coaster in PA
  • Speed: 76 mph
  • Inversions: 9 – most in North America
  • Tallest Inversion: 197 feet – tallest in the world
  • Lift Angle: 50 degrees
  • Length: 4,000 feet
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Passengers: 24

“Kennywood and the Pittsburgh Steelers are proud to introduce The Steel Curtain,” Kennywood announced in a news release. “At a maximum height of 220 feet, the colossal steel structure of the coaster will serve as a landmark addition to the park and a high-energy entry point welcoming guests to Steelers Country.”

A ride on the Steel Curtain lasts two minutes along 4,000 feet of track at 76 miles per hour.  The coaster includes nine inversions, including the tallest at 197 feet above the ground. 

Designed by S&S Sansei Technologies, The Steel Curtain will set three new records: a Pennsylvania state record (tallest roller coaster), a North American record (most inversions), and a world record (tallest inversion).


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