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Watch “THE DEMO REEL” produced for the 2015 48 Hour Pittsburgh Horror Project by the student team WESTMONSTER STUDIOS.

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Westminster College students in the Broadcast Communications 251 class, participated in the Pittsburgh 48-Hour Horror Film Project this semester.  They had to make a movie in just two days in the regional competition as part of their class homework.  Instructor Brad Weaver added the project to give students a real taste of deadline pressure.

“This is learning by doing,” Weaver said.  “It’s also a chance to let them explore the creative side of the business where they can go wild with the storytelling.”

Teams had 48 hours to craft, shoot and edit a short film, beginning on Friday, Oct. 16 at 7 p.m. in Pittsburgh, where they received details about elements that must be in the movie. They hand delivered the completed movie by 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 18.

Westminster graduate Ted Haynes ’99, co-founder of Confluence Productions in Pittsburgh, visited the class in October, talking about the competition. He has entered the competition at least a dozen times and has won it once.

“You need a great opening shot and an amazing image at the end,” said Haynes. “You also need a solid story and never forget about the importance of lighting and limit your locations.  If you do not, you will run out of time.”

  • Westmonster Studios included Brad Kolesar, Rachel Letscher, Marcus Dean, Dylan Mick, Bryan Greig, Thomas Graham, and Connor Hamilton.

This class requirement and the Communication, Arts, Language and Literature Division graciously covered the registration fees. Students received a grade based on whether they completed the submission and if it met all the requirements.

“This experience moved students forward to the learning outcomes of managing deadlines, working in teams and applying best practices in video production,” said Weaver.

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