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JAMESTOWN, Pa– April 11th, As the rain poured down on Pymatuning State Park, the Tweetspeak team dealt with the bad weather head on. Identifying a great number of birds, we were able to spot a variety of species ranging from Swallows, to Waterbirds and even multiple Bald Eagles.

As an amatuer birder, it can be sometimes be difficult to distinguish the differences between a Swallow or Sparrow. I often ask myself, “Is that a Swallow or a Sparrow?” Swallows and Sparrows are two species of birds that typically get confused with one another. One will eat insects for their great nutritional value and agile flying ability. On the other hand one will eat grains because they’re easier to obtain. One has white and blue colors while the other has grey and brown colors. So which one is which? Find out for yourself in this video!

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