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Unfiltered Sweet Country Escape on NC-Mercer Road

Horse watching Running HorsePrancing horseClose up HorseCurious HorseNew Castle-Mercer rdSide of the roadSecond horseHorse looking through fenceAmish riding down the rdWindmillCorn fieldCornCornCorn stacksOld BarnWeeds in a ditchFence to old Barnold BarnOld BarnPasturePumpkin PatchPumpkinsPumpkinPumpkinsPumpkinPumpkin patch on Amish LandAmish businessFarm landNew Castle- Mercer rdCow StaringCurious CowLicking their noseCow eatingCow eatingCurious CowNew Castle-Mercer rd

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- Sweet smell of fall air fills the country roads on New Castle- Mercer rd. along with the vibrant colors of fall. Traveling down the windy, but quiet road every few hundred yards was a white home with a dozen farm animals. Horses walking right up to the fences gnawing away at them hoping you brought them food when you approached them. Cows mooing away as they eat their mid day grass. And the amish children running around during recess time at school.

Dried up corn and pumpkin patches lined up along New Castle- Mercer  road. The dry corn was crisp and blowing hard against the wind. Where as the pumpkins were plump and steady in the ground all ready to be carved for the Halloween and fall festivities.

The agriculture in western Pennsylvania is what they are mostly known for. Between the big healthy cows and the fresh crops, the farmers have a lot to be proud of and all of this is right in our backyard at Westminster. Driving through these country roads you can’t help but fall in love with the scenery.

While driving down New Castle-Mercer rd. I couldn’t help being continuously drawn to all the animals. Between the majestic horses, the spotted cows and the sheep, I was loving every second spent around these animals. As a child and even now I’ve always wanted my own horse, so when I walked right up to the horse and it came right to me I couldn’t help but snap away and pet the beautiful horse.

That moment really made me appreciate these country roads. They make you feel safe and secure. There’s nothing but beauty within them and just watching the animals prance through the pastors, you can’t help but smile. It’s a beautiful world we live in and sometimes we need to take the time to just look within it all and take it all in.

New Castle- Mercer rd. is a windy, hilly road that is fulfilled with great beauty. It’s a perfect road to stroll on during a Sunday drive or a detour route on your way to work. Between the horses peeking there heads through the fences and the colorful fall leaves, the scenery is breath taking.

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