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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- Westminster’s Tiny House Project (THP) team took a trip to New Wilmington’s Borough Council Meeting on Monday evening.  Project leader Dr. Helen Boylan and four of her students answered questions and updated the council on the project.

During the meeting, council members appeared enthusiastic about the project and asked students how the THP would benefit their education.

While most of the students heading up the project are seniors, they explained it will allow students to study the tiny house movement by experiencing it.  They can study, experiment, and experience sustainability up close and with people in a living and learning setting.

While they will graduate before the THP can become part of class projects, they are establishing the foundation that will shape Westminster’s environmental science curriculum.  They also stressed the project will impact the community and draw positive attention to New Wilmington.

“We can say we built something on campus that’s an attraction for the town,” said Jacob Shodd, THP student member.

There was still a minor dispute whether the tiny house will have to get a building permit.   But local experts hashed it out with Dr. Boylan and concluded it will not be necessary to obtain one.

This is good news for the THP.  Organizers say the next step for the project will hinge on additional authorization from the Borough as well as the College and it could be the beginning of a much bigger effort.

“If this is successful and there is interest, we may have a tiny house village of up to about four,” said Boylan.

The THP team will continue work on mapping out a timetable for when they can begin construction.

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