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PITTSBURGH– Every wonder what it’s like to work on the radio? I went behind the voice of Froggy Radio and met “ALLIE-gator” and the “Frogman”. Erika Hink (Aligator) is a New Castle local. She went to Union High School and graduated from Westminster College  in 2003.

She worked for Froggy in New Castle starting off but made her way down to the Robinson Froggy where she is an on-air talent.

The Westminster grad studied broadcasting at Westminster.   She invited me into the studio while they interviewed an local upcoming band, Blended Reality. I saw Erika in action working on a live show with artists performing in the studio.

She mentioned how she wanted to be a television news anchor when she first joined the program but she found a love for the radio because of how many opportunities she had to be live on the air.

“When it was radio and I was on the other side and nobody was in the room and I could just talk into that microphone I and I felt so much more comfortable. I loved the music and with Dr. B’s help I went towards the radio side.”

                                                                    -Erika Hink

Froggy Radio is a top 25 radio station in Pittsburgh focusing on the Country Genre. In the interview Erika talked about how they have the chance to go to the concerts in town and a lot of times meet some pretty amazing artists.

The Westminster grad found her home away from home at Westminster and then found a new family at Froggy. One big thing she mentioned about being on air is how much she loves to connect with the listeners. She said that someone made a bumper sticker for Frogman and Aligator. If you would like to see the studio and listen to Erika’s story please watch the video above.

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