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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa- Westminster College is known for being ranked in the top 10 for Women Sciences, strong athletic teams, but also there very own radio station. Titan Radio is heard all through out Lawrence and Mercer county. It covers all the new hip music, throw backs on the weekend and Westminster athletic teams. Titan Radio even covers local high school football teams.

Titan Radio is completely ran by the students with the assistance of Dr. Barner. The students who are apart of the Broadcasting major and want to be on radio mostly all have air time. The students who are screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-3-37-24-pm
assigned air time have time slots where they do their radio tracks. For Titan Radio though the students who are in the Top 5 of best DJ’s are assigned more time to be on the radio and during the hot radio times.

Justin Wilson also known as DJ Big Will, is the man behind Titan Radio. He is the Program Director which means he choses what will be heard on Titan Radio. The way he choses the music is through a couple programs offered to the radio station. These programs give Wilson an idea of the top songs being released. From there Wilson looks up the songs on Youtube and if he feels it is appropriate for their listeners he puts it on Titan Radio.

The programs are not the only way they receive new music. Another way Wilson receives music is through the mail. People that want to be heard for their music at times send Titan Radio CDs’ of their original songs. A lot of times though those songs are not put onto Titan Radio.




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