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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Walking into this locker room what do you see?

Tight space… small lockers… It’s very unlikely to fit over one hundred plus players in here…

Now watch as this locker room go from this… TO THIS!

There are more lockers and a lot of space in here.

New carpet that was put in…. The locker room now has two different sections for the players.

Your now have your choice of entering through this door or this door.

“We were happy we were able to get occupation before our first home game so we had it for the biggest part of the season.”

Athletic Director Jim Dafler says the Titans are settling into their new home nicely.

“They enjoy having more space and being in a new locker room. It’s good for team unity and have everybody together in this situation. Not sharing lockers and those things I think certainly would be good.”

The locker room is great but not yet finished.

“We were obviously a little disappointed we wasn’t able to have it ready for the start of the season when football camp opened but numbers of things happen with construction that caused some delays. We still have some work to do in that locker room. There’s an area in there we want to develop into a recruiting area or reception area. We haven’t got that work finish yet. It’ll  have to be done after the season is completed.

With the new Athletic Lounge and Locker room added to the Field House… No more rejuvenations will happen until later in the future.

Be sure to stay tune for the new Stadium coming to Westminster this summer.

And also, the new basketball court as well.

I’m Dwayne Brown for W-C-N 24-7.

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