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GREEN BAY, Wis.–  Heather Storm‘s name would serve as the perfect marque for a star meteorologist on The Weather Channel, but the 2006 Westminster grad took her degree in broadcasting and her voice to radio.  She’s an on-air personality at WKSZ in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  WCN reporter Hanna Erdmann‘s podcast traces  Storm’s story back to her days in campus radio where she discovered her passion.

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Hanna Erdmann: Broadcasting students at Westminster all start at Titan Radio,

beginning with voice tracks introducing songs.

Hanna Erdmann: Heather Storm or known as her DJ name Poodle for her curly blonde hair started here in New Wilmington in two thousand eight. She currently works as an on-air personality for WKSZ in Green Bay Wisconsin. However, being a radio personality was not her first choice when she first started the major.

Heather Storm: “I considered a little bit of news producing but I knew I didn’t have what it takes to be like on air for TV but I considered like, I mean I’m sure I applied to my senior year for some news producer positions but I never got any of those and nothing like that ever worked out and I knew radio was what I wanted to do so that’s what I put most energy into.”

Hanna Erdmann: Storm could discover her passion while working on Titan Radio. By her senior year, she was program director. Her experience at Westminster applies to many of her current responsibilities today.

 Heather Storm: “I was familiar with looking at the charts for music when I was program director at Titan Radio and that is what I do now and obviously, things are a little different and there’s a little more to it now but there’s that and just also being on air component like the basics stay the same so I mean things that I learned in Titan Radio ten plus years ago still apply today.”

Hanna Erdmann: We even talked a little bit more on her time here at Westminster. “What made your Westminster experience special to you?”

Heather Storm: “Just being able to be so hands on and doing the live remotes that we would to from Relay for Life and just different events.”

Hanna Erdmann: But being a broadcast student wasn’t all she was a part of.

Heather Storm: “I was a Phi Mu…there was a couple broadcasters in my sorority…I still talk to pretty much all of them on Facebook and everything.”

Hanna Erdmann: And we then started discussing her love for Harry Potter.

“And we actually found out through a little bit of research and some stalking that you are a harry potter fan.”

Heather Storm: “Oh, yeah!”

Hanna Erdmann: “We wanted to know if you’re books or movies?”

Heather Storm: “I like both.”

Hanna Erdmann: “Uh okay awesome. And we wanted to know if you knew what house you were in?”

Heather Storm: “OH, definitely Gryffindor.”

Hanna Erdmann: “That’s really cool. Have you ever been to the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios?”

Heather Erdmann: “Yeah. I went to universal last year and I didn’t realize that, I thought it was a whole separate park, I didn’t realize it was inside Universal and like kind of lit, so I’m like “well, here I am. Have you ever been there?”

Hanna Erdmann: This then sparked another conversation.

“Uh yes, I actually live in Florida.”

Heather Storm: “Oh, okay what part are you from?”

Hanna Erdmann: “So, I’m there a lot, I’m from, I’m just outside of Tampa.”

Heather Storm: “Oh okay, alright so do you know the Tampa bay storm, the arena”

Hanna Erdmann: “Yes!”

Heather Storm: “Okay. My grandma lived in umm New Port Richey, so I always grew up going there all the time.”

Hanna Erdmann: “I live in that county. I live in the opposite side of that county.”

Heather Storm: “Oh yeah! That’s awesome, that’s crazy.”

Hanna Erdmann: “Aw yes so, it’s a small world.”

But in all seriousness, I wanted to know what advice she would give current broadcasting students at Westminster.

She explained how students should do more than just Titan Radio.

Heather Storm graduated in 2008 with a degree in Broadcast Communications.

Heather Storm: “People in the radio world don’t take college radio seriously. Like if you have it on your resume, which obviously I did and people do. Especially if you don’t have anything to put on it yet they are like it doesn’t really count.”

Hanna Erdmann: Her words of wisdom summed up what she believes every broadcasting student should know.

Heather Storm: “Umm just keep going that’s just try to learn everything you can, I know that’s cliché, everybody says that, but definitely if you can get an internship like as soon as you can, don’t wait until your like senior year or anything do as many as you can and develop a lot of relationships, especially online with people all over the county umm I know like I started just talking to a lot of different jocks umm and program directors through whatever different, different social media, and umm that’s how you build relationships and then you start taking about job openings and all of a sudden you’re friends and you know somebody that’s would be good for this position and they’re asking you for your opinion or you’re available and they’re looking to see if you’d apply so that’s what I would recommend that’s really the best connections.”

Hanna Erdmann: Everyone here starts with Titan radio.

Storm encourages getting involved in what they want to do beyond the radio station. That success is achieved by being persistent and continuing to push and become better. From Titan Radio to now Heather Storm has been able to get to where she wanted to be.

Heather Storm: “I like where I am at now. This is the happiest with the position I’ve ever been in.”

Hanna Erdmann: For WCN 24/7 I am Hanna Erdmann.






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