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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.–  Westminster’s Class of 2020 created a 15% enrollment increase compared to the 2015-2016 school year. The Admissions Office reports 396 smiling new faces on campus this fall.  What are they studying?  Watch our video as we count down the top 10 majors for WC’s new students.

“The number of our incoming students this year was 396 and our goal was 370, so we are very happy to have exceeded our goal,” said Brad Tokar, Admissions Director.  “Last year we had 336, so it’s great to have a 15% increase in one year. I think our increase was due to a campus wide effort.  Faculty being willing to meet with prospective students, recruiting efforts of our coaches, enhanced marketing efforts, and some new recruitment strategies.  I also think our new majors and new sports (men’s and women’s lacrosse) played a role.”

With the high enrollment numbers lets take a look at some of the numbers for the new class of 2020.

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE TOP 10.  Here’s the breakdown of the remaining majors.

  • Biochemistry                                      7
  • Bio/Molecular                                    3
  • Broadcast/Media Production          7
  • Chemistry                                          7
  • Child & Family Studies                     3
  • Engineering 3-2                                4
  • Engineering Physics                         6
  • English                                               6
  • Environmental Science                   4
  • Financial Economics                       5
  • Fine Art                                              1
  • History                                                8
  • International Business                     1
  • International Studies                       4
  • Marketing                                          9
  • Material Science                                1
  • Mathematics                                      2
  • Neuroscience                                     5
  • Philosophy                                         1
  • Psyc-OT                                              5
  • Public Relations                                1
  • Religion                                              1
  • Theater                                               1

The Admissions Office released these numbers shortly after Fresh Start.  The numbers may change in the weeks ahead as students select or change majors.

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