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TweetspeakNEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– The Tweetspeak cluster connected our students to the natural world through birding and studying the biology of birds.

They also engaged in digital and social media with their smartphones, blogging and sharing videos where they processed experiences and what they learned.

The combination of digital media literacy and birding allowed our student bloggers to share and connect beyond Westminster College. They embraced the role of citizen scientist and citizen journalist.

For the instructors, it was an incredibly rich and rewarding effort. Tweetspeak

MORE ABOUT THE TWEETSPEAK CLUSTER COURSES- Bio 120 (Biology of Birds) & BC 150 (Digital Media Essentials):

TWEETSPEAK: Bird biology and bird blogging is an interdisciplinary approach to teaching Ornithology and the Essentials of Digital Media.  In these classes, students will become fluent in the science of all things avian, and communicate the learning process to a lay audience through blogging.  They will become citizen scientists and contribute to online databases (e.g., eBird).  They will also learn by serving their community; they will work to establish the Westminster College campus as an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.  And along the way, they will blog about their experiences.Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.37.09 PM

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