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Want to learn some easy ways to up your iPhone photo game and take better pictures? Check out my vlog and follow my 5 tips!

1. Turn on the grid: By turning on the grid setting on your camera, lines appear for you on the screen and make it easy to line up your subjects. To turn on the grid, go to Settings>Camera> flip the Grid switch so that it’s green.

2. Get on the same level as your subject: Everyone is used to seeing the same point of view of your subject. If you’re shooting a plant on a table, try shooting from a different angle. Set your phone on the table or even in the pot! You’re picture will show a new perspective and create something much more visually interesting.

3. Set the exposure yourself: You can set the exposure of a photo by tapping different spots on the screen. However, you can take these auto settings even further. Tap the screen and hold so that the exposure locks on a specific subject. Then you can slide the sun icon on the right up and down, which lets you manipulate the exposure even more.

4. Know how to use natural lighting: Many people think that taking pictures in-front of the window is the best option. They’re kinda right. As the photographer, you should never be facing the window. Let your subject “face” the window, and stand between the two. Let the natural light illuminate your subject.

5. Shoot in landscape: Unless you’re taking generic pictures of a few people, try to avoid shooting in portrait (so with your phone straight up and down). Shooting in landscape allows you to get more of your subject and the background in the photo. Therefore, for more advanced or artistic photography, this tends to capture more impressive looking photos.

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