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GOULDSBORO, Pa. (AP/VIDEO from WNEP) — A family in Pennsylvania says the thief that stole a delivery package of dog food from their porch turned out to be a hungry young bear.

Eighteen-year-old Aidan Newman tells WNEP-TV he was just arriving home to pack up for college when he saw the black bear in his family’s yard.

He went inside to tell his family, and that’s when they looked out the window and saw the bear come onto the porch and drag the box into the woods.

Newman thinks that bear, which seemed about 2 years old, may have been casing the place since the boxes from pet retailer Chewy were dropped off earlier that day.

The ordeal was caught on the family’s surveillance video. Chewy saw the footage and is replacing the order.

Newman says from now on, his family plans to take in the deliveries from Chewy more quickly, so the bear doesn’t make it a habit.

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