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Austin Shaw diving off boards and bridges

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Austin Shaw diving off boards and bridges

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa-- Kevin Ivany shares the story of a Westminster men's dive team member's passion for all kinds of dives. 

We meet senior Austin Shaw as he shares the story of his journey to Westminster and his passion for death-defying stunts.

Kevin- Many know Austin Shaw of the men’s dive team for his antics in the pool, but away from the high dive you’ll find Austin working on even higher dives

Austin- Coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life like hand’s down I did a triple flip off a 74-foot bridge off a trampoline, I did one and a half flips in and two back flips out

Kevin- Austin found his way into diving by starting in gymnastics when he was three or four eventually meeting Steve, a parkour gym instructor he worked with to become certified and explore a path many not dare to consider

Austin- Whenever I was younger, whenever I was still at trinity which is the first place I was training gymnastics, my main coach Dennis said he would hook me up with an agent and try and get me a stuntman job

Kevin- However Austin wouldn’t give up on his chance to take the falls for Hollywood’s biggest stars, scowering YouTube in order to find a stuntman school

Austin- pressure activated pneumatic devices where you step on it and it throws you like thirty feet, stuff like that I was like I wanna try that out

Kevin- eventually finding his way to Westminster after spending his freshman year diving at Pitt, and transferring in order to better connect with the coaching staff. Although Austin does have a flair for the dramatic in his dives he also knows much about the technique of a dive

Austin- Just like with diving you’re gonna jump off the diving board do the craziest amount of flips you can and you wanna land perfectly upside down or at a slight angle if you’re going out a little bit but, if you put your hands on the water the right way you can just feel your body slide right through the water and it makes a woosh noise

Kevin- Can you hear the noise as you’re going down

Austin- Yeah you get an air pocket almost to your knees where you can hear it and you swipe your hands out that takes like half the bubbles with it and when you’re really good once you get underwater you’ll make a rip happen and push your hands to the side and you’ll feel the bubbles in the middle and two giant bubbles come out the side

Kevin- That’s cool

Austin- That’s how you know someone’s really really good at diving

Kevin- So do you do that?

Austin- Occasionally

Kevin- That’s cool

Kevin- although a dive off a bridge may seem much different Austin went into the technique of one of his friends dives in the exact same way

Austin- My buddy Gio I’d say holds the world record right now off of a 92-foot bridge he did five flips with one and a half twists he did three flips in one and a half and then a backflip out

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