Podcast! Emily Marcus: A Two Sport NCAA Championship Athlete

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Emily Marcus

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Some athletes work their entire college sports career trying to get to the NCAA Division 3 Championships. Most never make it. Senior Emily Marcus however not only qualified for one championship, but two!

In the spring of 2019, Emily traveled to Gettysburg to compete in the NCAA Division 3 Lacrosse Championships. Not even a day later, Emily boarded a plane for Houston Texas for the NCAA Division 3 Golf Championships. The Criminal Justice major told us exactly how she got her start in both events.

“I started playing golf when I was young with my family. I really only started playing competitively my sophomore year of high school.”

Lacrosse and golf are very different sports and Emily has become very good at making time for both sports. Whenever she is not at the golf center or on the golf course, you can typically find her working out with her teammates on the field. Managing two practice schedules can be difficult, but managing two different competition schedules can be impossible.

Emily however, makes the transition looks flawless. Emily’s first PAC Championship was with the golf team and walked through what it was like winning the championship.

“Right! We all just had like fantastic days in the spring and it just worked out and it was kind of like…it was just so rewarding and so emotional.”

After the golf championships, it was time to get focused for the Lacrosse PAC Championships.

“Like golf wasn’t as dramatic, but it was equally rewarding. But with lacrosse, we like stormed the field, we jumped into the lake, and it was just like that celebration that you see in a movie.”

Now with two NCAA Championships coming up, Emily had the challenge of balancing golf and lacrosse.

“My dad and I drove down to Gettysburg for the first round of the Lacrosse NCAA Championships. So we go there, we play them, we win, but it wasn’t really like…it was hard because I didn’t want to leave and I didn’t want to finish the season like that but they had one more game the next day, but my flight to Houston for the golf NCAA Championships was Sunday morning. So, I didn’t really have an option.”

She was not only unable to watch the lacrosse game, but she couldn’t even keep tabs with the lacrosse team on the plan ride.

“I wish I could be in two places at once! But I couldn’t even because the flight was in the morning and with the time difference and the way we got in, we took off and by the time we got in they had like two minutes left in the game.”

Looking forward into her senior year, Emily is optimistic that her love for sports will continue even after her days at Westminster.

“Hopefully I play golf forever.”

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