VIDEO! History Prof Has the Bee’s Knees on Beekeeping

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa — Based on what you’re hearing, you might not believe there’s actually hundreds of buzzing busy bees swarming in and out of their hives; but trust me, it’s true.

This swarm of activity sits on the property of Dr. Tim Cuff, a history professor here at Westminster, as well as a hobbyist beekeeper. It all started from a suggestion from his family

“Many members of my family said you need a hobby, so I did some research and I wanted to do something with my hands and body….and I said ok..let’s start,” Cuff said.

Dr. Cuff then explained that while beekeeping isn’t necessarily expensive, it all depends how big you want to go.

“It’s not expensive per-say but there is costs. I bought the hives unpainted but assembled and then I bought the cinder blocks and of course you need the bees so it’s about $1500 all together,” Cuff said.

I asked Cuff what advice he would give to someone looking to explore more of the hobby of beekeeping.

“There’s lots of good info on the web, including the Beekeepers Association and other resources,” Cuff said.

But what about the honey he extracts from the hives? Does he sell it? Give it away to family?

Cuff said, “It’s mostly its given to friends and family. I usually have a good bit of honey. Some get into the hobby to work with the bees but get out because they don’t know what to do with all the honey, and they have a whole bunch of honey in their basement; but it’s a fascinating thing to do.”

So the next time you see a swarm of bees flying around, they might live in one of Dr. Cuff’s hives.

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