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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – The semester is beginning to wind down and students here at Westminster are looking for multiple ways to beat the “hell week” stress. Between what the school provides and other methods of de-stressing, Westminster students have many options.

The school has many opportunities to help make these last couple days at school a little easier to handle.

Just like last semester, the “Pause for Paws” event will be hosted in Berlin Lounge, May 5th from 11:30-12:30 p.m. “Pause for Paws” is hosted by the Student Health Center to give students a chance to “pause” and play with some furry creatures. The event is free for all students.

First-year student Kristen Kowalski has a love for her pets back home and enjoys seeing Leo, the Student Health Center dog, whenever she can.

“Dogs are beautiful creatures, and they make me happy,” Kowalski said.

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) will be delivering Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and cookies during finals week. This will start Sunday, May 7th and go until Wednesday May 10th.

“I drink coffee everyday. Not only does it keep me awake to study, but it also relaxes me to have a good cup of coffee. I like how clubs and organizations are helping students survive these final couple of weeks,” Hope Watkins said.

The Neuroscience Club is hosting “Stress Less Week” and each day is filled with different activities and giveaways. “Less Stress Week” is a national movement to encourage students to have less stress during the end of the semester. Activities include coloring and meditation later in the week.

The Library is home to many students trying to get some extra studying done before their final exams. McGill Library is offering things such as a photo booth and massage chairs.

“Being able to study in the library helps me focus and work in small groups to better understand the material,” Brianna Pickens said.

Pickens, majoring in biology, will go to the library to work in a small study groups with her classmates. They all have taken advantage of the amenities the library has offered.

Besides all of the things offered on campus, Westminster students have been able to figure out some other tricks to beating the stress.

For many students, simply leaving the classrooms, study halls and dorm rooms can make all the difference in the world.

“I like to sit by the lake because it helps with my stress,” Kowalski said. Her and her friends will walk down to the dock and just relax there until they are ready to begin studying again.

Other students simply study in places they feel the most comfortable.

“I just try to go somewhere that I can feel relaxed. Study somewhere I am comfortable, like the library or in my room,” said Pickens.

Students enjoy taking advantage of their free time by socializing or taking time for themselves.

“I listen to music, take a nap, and exercise. I will also go talk to my friends and play video games with them,” first-year student Ian Miller said.

The last couple weeks are known to be stressful for many college students. Westminster students have many ways they can beat the stress and their tips will keep students sane.

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