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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- Clowns have been the the center of a big controversy over the past few months. With clown sightings all over the country, it has caused major disruption for people, schools, and businesses.

The rises of many clown sightings are being blamed due to social media. Many people think that dressing up as clowns and scaring people is the new trend. People are doing whatever it takes to get a few more followers on Twitter, or views on YouTube. Some believe that this simple prank is causing some serious safety concerns for the public.

Just recently, on October 4th Penn State students took to the streets as they flooded their campus in search for a clown on campus. Over 6,000 students flocked the streets in search for allegedly 3 clowns that were spotted on campus.

The very same night at Westminster College there was an alleged clown sighting on campus. A few days later the WCN 24/7 staff took opportunity to bring in a few Westminster students into our studio to express what they think about the clown sightings.

Well, in addition to the interview we played a little prank on them, to see what they would do if they were really to see a clown. We dropped a piece of wood from the catwalk in the studio, making the victim look right. Then we brought out clown our from their left to scare them.

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