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by Alexis Briggs- Holcad A&E Staff Writer

In the new age of technology, people of all ages are exposed to a variety of cable networks, providers, internet packages and the enjoyment that comes with them all. Here on our very own campus, we are glad to welcome the new channels that are accompanying the new year on our cable network. Jeter Smith, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, opened up the news with an email on January 11th.

“At Westminster College, we are 100% committed to providing the best experience to our on-campus residents,” Smith wrote. “That’s why we have asked our cable TV provider, to upgrade our current cable TV system to better meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff. This forward-thinking solution will provide the best in entertainment programming so you can relax after a long day of school.”

This new programming includes more HD channels, better HD quality at 1080i vs. traditional 720, and a reinvented comprehensive line-up of programs.

Before the revamp of the network, students and faculty did not have such a diverse lineup of channels. Now, students on campus can watch more popular channels such as Animal Planet, HGTV, TLC, and a plethora of sports and news networks.

After a short interview with senior music education major, Alan Yoder, he was able to elaborate on his feelings about the updated and previous cable network.

“I do like the new cable network. My only complaint is they seemed to have cut ATT Sportsnet, which happens to be the local Pittsburgh sports channel, so I am unable to watch my favorite hockey and baseball team unless they are on the national TV. That is my only complaint about the new change.”

With some of the new changes, sports fans may be feeling the heat from their loss in channels.

After his interview, I was able to ask around and see what other students thought about the new change. Most of the students I asked said that they did not use the cable, to begin with, only in common areas such as residence hall lobbies and in The Tub.

Senior English major, Sam Nestor, was able to give me his input on the network change.

“Honestly, I really don’t know too many people on campus that watch the cable. Maybe the new package will sway more students to watch the cable network. I feel like our generation doesn’t really watch cable. We’ve got Hulu, Netflix, Prime, YouTube, whatever. People will watch what they want to watch in whatever way they want to watch it. But hey, maybe people who wanted to watch cable are happy now. Can’t say I’m a part of those people. I followed Breaking Bad as it came out, but beyond that, I have no interest in cable television. Is The Wire on cable? No. Is Curb Your Enthusiasm on cable? Nope. King of the Hill is on once in a blue moon, but never when I’m watching TV. Oh wait, maybe now I can watch Jeopardy! Is Jeopardy on right now?”

Overall, the students and faculty that watch the cable seem to be pleased with the change, and those that do not watch are well aware of the new changes and everything that is to come to Westminster over the next few years.

  Westminster College Cable TV Channels
3.1 WCC Channel 1
3.2 WCC Channel 2
3.3 WCC Channel 3
3.4 WCC Channel 4
3.5 WCC Channel 5
3.6 WCC Channel 6
23.1 ABC – WTAE
23.2 CBS – KDKA
24.1 CW – WPCW
24.2 FOX – WPGH
25.1 IND – WPCB
25.2 MNT – WPNT
26.1 NBC – WPXI
26.2 PBS – WQED
27.1 ESPN HD
27.2 ESPN2 HD
28.1 ESPNews HD
29.1 SportsTime Ohio HD
29.2 NBC Sports Network HD
30.1 Fox Sports 1 HD
30.2 Fox Sports 2 HD
31.1 Big Ten Network HD
31.2 SEC HD
32.1 NFL Network HD
32.2 MLB Network HD
33.1 NBA TV HD
33.2 NHL Network HD
34.1 Golf Channel HD
34.2 In Country Network
35.1 TNT HD
35.2 TBS HD
36.1 USA Network HD
36.2 A&E HD
37.1 FX HD
37.2 FXX HD
38.1 ION Television
38.2 Get TV
39.1 Tru-TV HD
39.2 TBN
40.1 Bible
40.2 Christian Television Network
41.1 Impact Network
41.2 CGTN
42.1 Lifetime HD
42.2 We TV HD
43.1 OWN HD
43.2 Oxygen
44.1 Bravo HD
44.2 HGTV HD
45.1 Food Network HD
45.2 Cooking Channel HD
46.1 Syfy Channel HD
46.2 CMT HD
47.1 MTV Live HD
47.2 MTV HD
48.1 MTV2
48.2 VH1 HD
49.1 FUSE HD
49.2 AXS TV HD
50.1 BET HD
50.2 BBC America HD
51.1 NASA
51.2 The Weather Channel HD
52.1 Travel Channel HD
52.2 TLC HD
53.1 History Channel HD
53.2 Discovery Channel HD
54.1 National Geographic HD
54.2 Animal Planet HD
55.1 CNN HD
56.1 CNBC HD
56.2 Fox News Channel HD
57.1 Fox Business Network HD
57.2 Bloomberg HD
58.1 E! Entertainment HD
58.2 Comedy Central HD
59.1 Cartoon HD
59.2 Disney Channel HD
60.1 Freeform HD
60.2 Hallmark Channel HD
61.1 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD
61.2 Paramount Network HD
62.1 AMC HD
62.2 IFC HD
70.1 HBO HD
70.2 HBO Comedy HD
71.1 Cinemax HD
71.2 Action Max HD


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