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When WC students meet WPXI’s News Ninja

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This guest blog reflects on the April 2015 WPXI Newsroom Experience Amanda Sloan and several other Westminster students participated in for the Broadcast Journalism II course.  It was a daylong adventure with unfettered access to the broadcast & digital news operations at Channel 11 (NBC) in Pittsburgh.

My WPXI adventure during the spring semester opened my eyes to the broadcast world, but confirmed my love for what I do. My whole life I have been told that it is going to be tough being a broadcast journalist but you have to love what you do, which is exactly what I saw from everyone there. You could tell that everyone at WPXI loved coming to work every day. Seeing that confirmed that this is what I want to be doing the rest of my life. I was amazed at all the different aspects that go into making each show be a success. From the shooting, editing, stand ups, director, producers and so much more. It is like a big puzzle in a way, if one piece is missing it doesn’t look right.

Coming into college I was dead set on being on air, now as a junior I’m not quite sure what piece of the puzzle I’m going to be. Speaking to so many great individuals about what they do really opened my eyes to all the possibilities. Everyone we spoke to made me question if I want to do what they do because they showed so much passion and love for their career. I loved hearing the stories of how

each individual ended up at WPXI. It is true what they say; you don’t know where life is going to take you. I know I’m jumping all over the place with this blog but so many things about this trip blew my mind. For one all the technology they had, I really just wanted to play with everything, like a kid in a toy store. Being able to watch a live broadcast was awesome! Not to mention the cameras moving on their own absolutely blew my mind. Being able to watch the show was an amazing experience. The set was absolutely incredible; when I walked through those two doors and saw the set I guess you could compare it to a kid walking into Disney Land. I suppose that’s how you can tell I was meant for the broadcast world.

One individual that stuck in my head is Tony Atkins. Tony is a multimedia journalist for WPXI. Tony really caught my attention because what he does brings the best of both worlds in my eyes. Tony goes out to stories ranging from all different types, then shoots and edits his work. His passion for what he does was really contagious. I guess he spoke to me also because of his age being closer to mine it made it realistic to me that his job could very well be something I’m doing in the next year. I absolutely love editing but like I said I’ve always had a soft spot for reporting. What Tony does gives me both of those. Tony was a great person out of many that I met that day, his happiness, passion and hard work is what I aspire to be.

My experience is definitely one I will remember for a long time. Everyone there was really welcoming and helpful. Everyone we spoke to that day was so nice and willing to help us with any questions we have, even in the long run. They shared their stories and journeys, along with great advice. I learned so much by visiting WPXI and I would love the opportunity to end up at a place like WPXI or maybe even there. Thank you to everyone at WPXI for welcoming us and giving us a little glimpse of what the future holds. The delicious pizza we had at lunch was just an added bonus to an overall beneficial trip.


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