VIDEO: Designing his own film major! Meet Atit Amin

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Atit Amin wants to make feature films and he embraces the hard work it takes to pursue his passion.  He understands experience matters and the best experience is constantly practicing and constantly working on his craft.

He’s designed his own major at Westminster blending the best practices and experiences from the Broadcasting and Media Production program with the scholarship of the Film Studies minor.  In 2020, he’ll receive his undergraduate degree in Film and Media Productions.

In the fall of 2017, this extremely enterprising young man embarked on an independent study to create an original short film.  He wrote the treatment, script, and managed all elements of the production.  He handled casting, budgets, and directed “Last Memory.”  It runs less than 7 minutes, but it was an experience that required hours and days to shoot once it was in production.  Our reporter Dwayne Brown (’20) introduces us to Atit the young filmmaker as he went on the journey to create “Last Memory.”

Atit {uH-TEET} Amin- Family, Film, Football, Sleep and Repeat

  • Class of 2020- Westminster College
  • Majoring in Film Studies & Media Production
  • A wide receiver on the Titan football squad
  • Owner & Operator of Weekend Project Studies (WPS)– specializing in shooting and producing wedding videos
  • Freelance drone cinematographer
  • From Breezewood, Pa.
  • Attended Everett Area H.S.

Watch Atit’s independent project, “Last Memory”



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