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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.–Some Westminster coaches tweet. Some use Instagram.  And some post on Facebook. So do players and recruits. And the NCAA has lots of rules on coaches using social media.

When it comes to social media, you often think about how you can share almost everything– from videos, images, messages, etc.  Many times, people post anonymously

When it comes to companies or professional settings however, anonymity is thrown out the window. Colleges are an example of this, specifically with the NCAA.

Some argue that the rules in place put’s Division 3 at a disadvantage compared to Division 1. Jim Dafler, the Athletic Director for Westminster College, stated: “there are probably times where the restrictions on Division 3 puts Division 3 coaches at a disadvantage in the recruiting process”.

The restrictions are extensive, they include:

  • -tagging a recruit.
  • -publicly connecting with PSAS.
  • -sending friend requests to PSAS, as well as not being allowed to except requests.
  • -Liking a post from a recruit.

Despite this, The Titans Men’s Lacrosse team has found ways to not only work around these rules but promote Lacrosse via twitter.

“Social media, if done right, should be a window into the program. This is our opportunity to show our culture and our team”, said Patrick Geiger, Westminster Head Lacrosse Coach. “(An example of) Us working around the rules is, we had a kid out of Minnesota commit to us. We can’t put his name or where he is from, but we can put the area code”.

By doing this, the Lacrosse team can find a workaround to the strict rules in place, as well as focus on getting the team’s mission out to the public, and hopefully to those student-athletes looking at Westminster. We can expect to see more coaches and colleges using social media to their advantage in the future.



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