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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Westminster College will be serving Starbucks instead of Jazzman’s starting fall semester of next year, according to the school’s administration.

Sodexo will be removing Jazzman’s from the TUB dining area and replacing it with a Starbucks, according to General Manager for Dining Service Jeff Creveling.

All of Jazzman’s brand hot and cold beverages will be replaced with the Starbucks brand, Vice President for Finance and Management Kenneth Romig said. However, the baked goods offered in that area will remain the same, and so will the Simply to Go items in that area.

Sodexo has had a partnership with Starbucks for a long time, Creveling told WCN 24/7. When the TUB originally opened, it functioned as a TV/computer lounge that offered Starbucks drip coffee, which was about ten years ago. That’s when the school replaced the whole area with Jazzman’s.

There was a meeting with admissions about attracting new students, and the idea of introducing a Starbucks to campus came up, according to Creveling. They spent time last semester talking to students, faculty and staff about the possibility of a replacement and received a positive response. Romig said that the Food Advisory Committee discussed the idea multiple times, and that the decision came about because of the student interest.

“We’re excited about it, and we think the entire campus is excited about it,” Creveling said.

One of the main features about this new Starbucks that will be different from other Starbucks stores is that because it is not a stand-alone location, it will not accept Starbucks gift cards, Romig said. Other than the inability to use gift cards, however, the location will function the same way that Jazzman’s does now.

The other main change students will see in Westminster’s dining services next semester is in the times the various services are open. Starbucks will remain open until 11 p.m., like Jazzman’s was a few years ago, with drinks and food items available until closing, according to Student Government Association (SGA) President Carl Carpenter. The TUB will also remain open until 8 p.m. Duff will change as well, as weekday lunch times will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

If students have any questions or concerns about the change, Carpenter said SGA will be open to answering them.


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