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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- What happens to an athlete once their career is over?

In a close knit community such as Westminster, an athlete’s playing career may be over, but a door opens for a coaching career to begin.

Our Charlie Borges sat down with a recent graduate, who started coaching his former squad.

At the Westminster College field station, David Jamieson prepares for football practice a little bit differently now than he did last year.

He went from being a starting defensive tackle for the football team to wondering what he would do in his free time.

“What am I gonna do with my time cause I am always preoccupied with something, so I thought ‘Hey why not help out the football team and give back to some of the guys that gave so much to me'”, Jamieson said.

With such a quick turnaround in playing to coaching, there are players he is teaching now that he played with not a year ago.

Jamieson said “I love that they respect me, and I don’t expect them to call me coach. Whether they played with me for one year or three, I don’t expect that. But the fact they still respect me, really means a lot”.

He also says that he sees many similarities between himself and the current players on the roster. Whether that be on the field play or off the field experiences.

He credits Coach Scott Benzel with teaching him so much and continuing to teach even after his playing career is over.


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