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By: Reilly Woodbury

(NEW WILMINGTON) PA.- Four Westminster College Lacrosse Alumni that were part of the graduating class of twenty nineteen get the opportunity of a lifetime. Matt Trella, Reid Lutz, Alex Kennedy and Ryan Shorts arrived in London England at Bournemouth University which is home to about twenty-thousand students. The four Alum will all be playing on the university’s lacrosse team as well as perusing a master’s degrees in their respective field of study. The four alum were contacted by the organization Play Overseas, which is a UK based organization that provides opportunities to recent college graduates in America to further peruse their education as well as their athletic career.

Westminster’s lacrosse team was established five years ago when all four alum were freshman. “It was Rough” says Ryan Shorts, that it was, the Titans lacrosse team only won two games that year. “It was a learning experience that year” also said Shorts. They knew it wouldn’t be like that for long with the Titans Lacrosse team winning seven games the next season.

Not only will the one alum be playing as a part of the university’s lacrosse team, but Ryan Shorts was also approached by the team and was given the opportunity to also be a coach of the team. “I not only got invited to be a part of the team, but they also offered me a position as a coach also” says Ryan shorts in my interview with him. “We are all excited to see what we can accomplish in the classroom and on the field this coming year” says Matt Trella. I can’t wait to see what my fellow teammates accomplish while overseas and I know the community of Westminster College can’t either.

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