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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– The women’s march in Washington D.C sparked interest in junior Jordan Sherman. Inspiration from the strong men and women marching for women’s rights fueled his very own women’s drive. For a whole week Jordan collected feminine hygiene products and donations for a local crisis shelter. WCN reporter Mackenzie Basalla sat down with Jordan to get the details.

Not saying that other genders are overlooked, but Jordan felt the need to emphasize the fact that women’s rights are often thrown to the side. To fix this problem he came up with the idea to hold a drive to collect women’s products and then donate them to a local crisis shelter. In shelters like this, they tend to not have products for women to use; this is one of the biggest problems women have while staying a these sort of places.

With all the great inspiration Jordan has, he was able to hold a successful drive collecting over 300 dollars worth of items. There were also donations made from those who could not contribute to the drive. All in all, Jordan was able to raise awareness for women’s right through this drive along with collecting multiple items for women to use while staying at the local crisis shelter.

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