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Have you ever been to the big apple? Molly Somora takes us to New York City with two bus loads of Westminster College Students.

Throughout this trip students traveled around NYC exploring the most popular places around the city.

The students not only learned a lot about the city but traveled to the different places in many different forms.

From ubers, to biking, to the subway, Westminster was exploring the best of what the city had to offer.

While exploring students walked many miles.

Some students went to museums, while others took a walk through central park, but my favorite part about on this trip was the boat ride to the statue of liberty.

And you cant forget the Facebook viral rainbow bagel shop that was on the top of the list of things to do and it didn’t disappoint.

Overall the students from Westminster that went on this trip to NYC had an overall great experience and can’t wait until the opportunity comes about next year.

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