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Have you ever wondered how different athletic teams get themselves excited before a meet, game or match? It can be anything from speeches, certain drills, cheers, chants or even listen to certain songs. Well at Westminster everyone has their own little way but the Westminster Swimming and Diving have a cheer called Zombie Nation.

Before every meet they jump into the pool and get themselves excited by doing different cheers, one in particular is Zombie Nation. It is a way to get them excited plus it builds team unity and bonding. It has been going on for many years so it is a tradition for the swimmers and something they all look forward to. It builds their confidents before the meet. It really does allow them to goof off before the meet and get excited. They can let of some stream before the real action happens in between the lanes of the pool.

Reporter Emily Bondi takes us into the pool to see exactly what this cheer is.

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