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The Windy Road to the Watery Treasure

SHARPSVILLE,Pa- As I drive through a quaint little town, I come to a watery treasure. This watery treasure is a 68×720 ft concrete dam. This watery treasure is the Shenango Dam.

When I pull into the parking lot it is completely empty. Not only is there a completely empty parking lot, but a large gate that is closed from being able to drive down to the dam. Turns out that after 9/11 the park staff had to put up a

gate and a sign for only authorized vehicles. They had to do this because the Shenango Dam is actually a terrorist hot spot. This hot spot provides flood protection for all the Shenango River Valley, Beaver and Ohio Rivers. Without this dam we would all be flooded over.

As I walked down the windy road to the dam the sunset was glistening through the trees. The water was pounding out of the dam. The birds were chirping loud. But the only voices heard were mine and my friends’.

The dam is typical a place that many fishermen come to catch all sorts of fish. They travel within the dam by climbing down big rocks or the stairs. There is a specific sign that warns these people, but they take the risk anyway.



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